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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

for Staff, Students

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enhances security for your account login authentication process.  Traditionally, a password is used as the only authentication factor to verify a person's identity.  If the password is leaked or compromised, attackers may be able to use the account for malicious activities.  MFA has been introduced to provide an additional layer of security to your CityU account.  In addition to your password (the first factor), the system will verify your identity with a second factor (e.g. your mobile phone). This makes sure it is you logging in to your CityU account even if someone else knows your password.

If you want to enable the MFA for your CityU account, please submit your request through the Service Portal.  After setting up the MFA, access to the systems listed under Category A and Category B will be protected immediately:

Category A – You will be asked to log in with the MFA when you access the following systems through the CityU Single-Sign-On (SSO) system:


You have the option to customise the SSO to remember your MFA status by ticking the “Do not challenge me on this device again” option, and the SSO won't ask you for MFA again unless you access those systems on a different device, at a different location (e.g. logging in from home), or from a different web browser or browser version.  (Note: the “Do not challenge me on this device again” option does not work with Incognito/InPrivate/Private browser mode)

Category B – You have to log in with the MFA whenever you access these systems:

Remarks:  After you have changed your password, you need to re-login to Microsoft Outlook with the MFA.