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Internet-of-Things (IoT) Connections

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In transforming the University into a smart campus, a lot of smart devices such as environmental sensors, security locks, surveillance devices and integrated AV equipment, have been deployed campus-wide.  This not only provides secured and efficient use of teaching facilities but also helps to create an enhanced learning experience from within campus. In setting up the smart campus, these network-enabled and scattered smart devices, also known as Internet of Things (IoT) devices, must be interlinked in an IoT network for the sharing and communication of the information collected in a segregated, controlled and firewall protected network. Through the IoT connection service, the smart device owners can request for the connection of their devices to the campus-wide IoT network by providing information on the (i) categories of the IoT devices (sensors, AV, smartlock, etc.); (ii) physical outlet for IoT devices connection;  and (iii) required firewall policy. With reference to the information provided, the network security team of the Computing Services Centre (CSC) will further discuss with the requestor to refine the security policy and establish the connection of the smart devices to join the IoT network to achieve its functional, security and access requirements.