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Grade Reporting (i-Assessment)

for Staff

The Internet-based Assessment System (i-Assessment) is a web-based tool that provides course-based and programme-based functions to relevant parties so that they can provide and process course grades and award decisions for subsequent upload to university's Student Information System (Banner).  Staff can use this tool under "Useful Services" via the "Staff" tab of the CityU Portal or "'University Courses"' via the "My Courses" tab in AIMS.

Course-based functions:

Facilitates course leaders, graders to enter course marks / grades.  They have the flexibility to either enter data directly into an on-line form or prepare the course marks / grade data on a PC and then import back to the i-Assessment.  Upon approval by the Assessment Panel, course leaders will submit course marks / grade to the Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO) / Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies (SGS) who in turn will upload the submitted course grades to Banner for course grade processing.

Programme-based functions:

Provides program leaders with "Programme Student List", "Semester Results List" and "Overall Results List" to monitor the study progress of students.  The system facilitates programme leaders to propose award decision for potential graduates.  Upon approval by the Examination Board, programme leaders will submit award decisions to ARRO / SGS who in turn will upload the submitted award decisions to Banner.

User Guides & FAQs

On-line user guide is provided within i-Assessment. Eligible users can access it by clicking the “Help” link on the landing page.

Support & Contact

Please forward any questions, comments or problems to: