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Free Quota Printing for Students

for Staff, Students

For fast and high-volume printing, the Free Quota Printing service allows staff and students to submit their print jobs to a central print queue and release them at any release station in the Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (on 4/F and G/F Room G600), Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre (on 4/F) and inside the CityU Library (Information Space and Printing Rooms of Oval Area). ALL submitted print jobs must be released within one hour or else they will be deleted automatically and users will have to re-submit their print jobs. The free print quota will not be deducted until the print jobs are released. Printing papers are provided free of charge.

Apart from the PCs in the Teaching Studio Areas, this printing service also supports notebook computers (PC and Mac), Android devices and iOS devices. Users can submit their print jobs through the notebooks anywhere as long as they are connected directly to the WLAN within campus or through the Virtual Private Network (VPN) from any Wi-Fi hotspot of the ISPs. For Android and iOS devices, print features are limited (only single-sided printing is supported) and only some file types (pdf, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint) are allowed to upload to the central print queue. In order to cope with the heavy printing demand at the beginning of a Semester, students are strongly recommended not to submit their print jobs until they are ready to be released at the printing station as the performance of the central printing system would be seriously affected if too many print jobs are submitted pending for release. Printing is double-sided by default. However, if necessary, users can still select simplex mode printing under "Printing Preferences" - applicable to Teaching Studio and notebook computer users only.