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The University has many facilities and rooms for teaching and learning including lecture theatres, classrooms, meeting rooms, group study rooms, computer terminals, computer labs and co-working spaces.  Various room booking systems are in place to allow eligible staff and students to make reservations online in advance.  Departments are welcome to contact the Computing Services Centre (CSC) if they want to manage their departmental venues with these booking systems.  Below is a list of all room booking systems available:

  1. Lecture Theatres, Classrooms, and Student Counters Booking
    The system enables eligible users to reserve venues like lecture theatres, tutorial rooms, and temporary student counters.  It allows users to check the availability of venues using different criteria such as category, date, time, capacity and room number.  In addition, the weekly schedule of a venue can be presented graphically in a timetable format.
  2. Centralised Booking System 
    The new booking system has a modern user interface and additional functionalities.  It is a unified University-wide reservation system which allows bookings of all kinds of resources such as meeting rooms, seats, co-work desks and equipment.  It provides a common and standardised user interface for all staff and students with an aim to improve users' experience.  The system aligns all booking rules and procedures which encourages sharing of rooms/equipment among offices, reducing wastage and improving utilisation.  Departments may also leverage the system to manage their own rooms and resources, and implement their own booking rules. The following resource types are available for booking:

    • Communal Room
      University-managed meeting rooms are bookable via this system by CityU staff only.  Many meeting rooms are equipped with necessary AV systems such as projectors, wall mount TV, and wireless display adapters.  Occupancy sensors are installed and integrated with the booking system to determine if the rooms can be freed up for bookings when not in use.  
    • CSC Teaching Studio and Computer Theatre
      There are teaching studios (computer laboratories) in the Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (LI).  All PCs in the teaching studios are networked in the form of a student intranet and each studio is equipped with high-quality audio-visual facilities.  Staff may reserve the teaching studios via this system.  
    • Workstation in CSC Open Access Area
      Students may book computer terminals in the open access area on G/F and 4/F of Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin Academic Building (LI-G601 & LI-4808) .
    • Group Study Room
      Eligible staff and students can use the group study rooms during campus operating hours and make advance bookings via this booking system.  
    • Co-working Space Meeting Room
      Eligible PhD students and research staff can use the co-working space meeting rooms during campus operating hours and make advance bookings via this booking system.
    • Breastfeeding Room
      University-managed breastfeeding rooms are bookable via this system during campus operating hours.
    • Library Facilities Booking
      The Library Facilities Booking system allows users to reserve library facilities such as individual study carrel, group study room, learning commons, etc for students and staff to collaborate and innovate together.  Across the spaces, a range of facilities and room sizes are available.
  3. Sports Facilities Booking
    Sports facilities such as gym, courts, etc can be booked via the Sports Facilities Booking System maintained by the Student Development Services.

Relevant Information

For bookings of certain university venues not listed above, users may contact the Facilities Management Office (FMO) via or 3442-8833.  Enquiries regarding the booking of Multi-purpose Rooms should be sent to Student Development Services (SDS) at  Users are advised to check the facilities and equipment provided in the rooms prior to booking appropriate venues.

Please note that different venues will have different rules and guidelines.  Here are some of them: