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Departmental Web Design Template

for Staff

The Departmental Web Template is a set of pre-designed web pages that departments can use to create a website with minimal effort. It is designed for CityU brand. The use of web template ensures CityU’s corporate identity and consistent user experience across different department websites. The template is ready-to-use as users could fill in their own text content and images to create a website rapidly and it is well-tested to handle various technical issues, covering browsers, mobile devices, SEO, accessibility, etc., thereby shortening the time in web design and development.

The Web Design Template is compulsory for all top-level websites of colleges and schools, academic departments, research centres, and administrative and academic support units, optional for sub-sites and event websites, including but not limited to, sub-divisions, projects, information and service websites, and prohibited for any non-university websites, personal websites, student organizations, any websites in connection with an outside organization or commercial enterprises, or may carry a potential for financial, legal or reputational risk to the University.

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