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University domain names and sub-domain names are institutional assets and their use should be properly authorised and protected according to the University rules and regulations. The Management Board therefore approved a registration and support system for departments and units, and other organisations that have close ties with the University, to establish proper contact with the University in the use of internal and external University domain names. The Computing Services Centre (CSC) is the central authority for the allocation of internal domain names and the registration of external University domain names for departments. Prior approval from the Finance Office (FO) and the CSC will also be required for any outsourced service that can be accessed through a University domain or sub-domain name, but hosted by an external party. In general, domain names in the "" root space, i.e. "<service>" are restricted and limited to those representing a University-wide service. Domain names that denote core services provided by a department as part of its official functions or the mission of the University must be registered under the sub-domain assigned to the department in the standard form of "<service>.<department>". Application for domain name outside the "" may be allowed only if certain constraints are met.

Support & Contact

Forms to apply new/modify/remove domain name are available for download (see "Related Links" below). The completed and signed forms should be submitted to the CSC for approval.