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Mass Email Sending

for Staff

The Gateway for Mass e-Mailing (hereafter referred to as the Gateway) provides an outgoing SMTP server for departments with justified needs to send many individual email messages to contacts on official matters. The Gateway is NOT intended for sending any announcements to current CityU staff and students and they are advised to use the formal channel – CityU Announcement Portal (CAP).

Alternatively, senders may also consider using cloud-based email campaign platforms (at a cost) which facilitates email sending, subscription features, and recipients analytics/reports.

Use of the Gateway will be suspended or terminated by the Computing Services Centre (CSC) without prior notice to departments whenever there is any suspected misuse or concern which may incur liability to the University, damage the reputation of the University, jeopardise the integrity of the service, or impact other IT services of the University. The CSC will not be responsible for any data loss arising from such service suspension or termination. Continual provision of the Gateway to departments is subject to annual review based on its efficacy to departments, CSC’s support effort, complaints from or negative actions taken/to be taken by email recipients and their respective email service providers, as well as regulatory changes.

Support & Contact

Interested departments may submit an online CSC Work Request to apply for the use of the Mass Email Sending service with the following information: