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AIMS & Banner

for Staff, Students, Alumni

Banner is a world's leading higher education enterprise resource planning (ERP) system used by the University to manage, process, and store student, staff and alumni data.  AIMS, which stands for Administrative Information Management System, is a suite of university information systems allowing students, staff and alumni to access a variety of essential academic support and administrative services via a web interface.  All AIMS functions are web-based and primarily developed for self-service purposes.  Staff and students may use their CityU EIDs to login AIMS.

With AIMS, students can access information related to their studies, such as class schedules and grades.  They can also update their contact information, add/drop courses, apply for credit transfer and transcripts online.  Staff, on the other hand, can access information related to their employment such as appointments, payroll and benefits.  They can also update their contact information, submit leave applications and apply for staff development courses online.  For administrative staff, there is a suite of online functions to assist them to carry out their administrative duties.