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QuestionPro facilitates development, delivery and analysis of online surveys for all CityU users. A CityU user may use QuestionPro to conduct online survey for academic and administrative purposes. Data analysis tools are available to streamline report generation. 

Surveys are a cost-effective and efficient means of gathering data about a population.  If collection of personal data is inevitable, please be reminded to include Personal Information Collection Statement ("PICS") and Privacy Policy Statement on or before the collection in an appropriate format and manner.  For usage of CityU logo in surveys, users are reminded to comply with the CityU’s Policy and Guidelines for the Use of the University’s Name, Visual Identity and Trade Marks and that endorsement by the Head of Department or Line Manager is obtained.

Share your survey

It is common that surveys are created by supporting colleagues such as research assistants.  To avoid losing access to your survey data after the research assistant left the University, make sure that you requested them to share the survey folder with you with appropriate access rights.  Alternatively, you could create the relevant survey folder and share the access rights to them.  Detail guides can be found at



Frequently Asked Questions of Survey Migration

Q.  The questions in the survey which I upload to QuestionPro do not follow the ordering presented in Qualtrics.  What should I do?
A.  You can simply re-order the questions to achieve the desired ordering in the survey.  For details, click here

Q.   My survey in Qualtrics has Branch logic applied on a few blocks, will the qsf file import or it will give me an error?
A.  The qsf file will be uploaded and the survey will be created in your QuestionPro account but the logics will not be applied on the survey.  QuestionPro does not import any logic present in the qsf file.  You can apply the logics on your survey after importing it from the qsf file.

Q.  When I tried to import the data via CSV file, blank responses on the dashboard got created in my survey.  What should I do?
A.  QuestionPro supports the regular data export from Qualtrics which contains the answer values. Kindly export the data again with answer values from your Qualtrics account and then upload it in your QuestionPro survey.

Q.   I got an error when I import a qsf file to QuestionPro.  What should I do?
A.  The problem may be caused by unused questions in the Qualtrics survey. Clear the trash of the Qualtrics survey first, then export the qsf again.