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LinkedIn Learning (formerly is widely known as one of the best online training libraries. It offers tens of thousands of expert-led top-quality instructional videos on more than 21,000 courses (as of April 2023) for all skill levels that play on PCs, Macs and a variety of mobile devices 24/7. The university has entered a license agreement with LinkedIn Learning that allows CityU staff and students to have access to a resource of updated and innovative online training content across academic disciplines to support their professional development and as curriculum resources. Its catalogue of courses covers a variety of topics, including those on computing, animation, accounting, architecture, business, engineering, etc. which are curricula offered in CityU. 


As these online courses are broken into bite-size tutorials (each 5-15 minutes long), users can select whichever topic they wish to learn instead of taking the entire course. LinkedIn Learning also provides closed captioning (subtitles in English and Chinese) and searchable, time-coded transcripts which makes it easy for learners to follow through the content of the entire movie.

How can LinkedIn Learning support me?

How can I get the most out of LinkedIn Learning?

How can I access LinkedIn Learning?

To access your CityU LinkedIn Learning account, click the above link and log in using your CityU EID and Active Directory (AD) password, just like you are logging into the staff or student LAN.

If you are accessing the learning account for the first time, a welcome screen will then appear. You will be asked to "Connect my LinkedIn account" or "Continue without LinkedIn". Select "Continue without LinkedIn" and you will be directed to your LinkedIn Learning home page.



Connect your LinkedIn Profile

If you already possess a personal LinkedIn account, you have the option to link it to your LinkedIn Learning account. Connecting your LinkedIn profile offers several advantages, including the ability to showcase the courses you have completed as certifications or badges on your profile and enabling you to receive personalised course recommendations based on your profile information. By connecting your LinkedIn profile, you can retain your learning history even after leaving the University. If you did not connect your LinkedIn profile during the initial sign-up process, you can do so later by following these steps:

Housekeeping Rules

To ensure responsible usage and prevent prolonged inactivity of LinkedIn Learning accounts, idle accounts which do not have any activities for 90 days or more will be revoked.

It is important to note that learning records are retained as long as learners remain connected to their LinkedIn profiles. However, if learners' licenses are revoked and they log back into LinkedIn Learning after one year, their learning records will only be retained if they are connected to LinkedIn. Otherwise, all their learning records will be lost.

Recommended Courses

Below are some suggested computer course titles for your viewing. Clicking on the course link will take you to the course page where you will find that only a few movie links in the table of contents are active. If you're logged in as a member, all links will be active. Simply click a movie name in the table of contents and the video will begin playing.

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