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Campus-wide Software Licenses

for Staff, Students

The University purchased software licenses and subscriptions for teaching, learning and research purposes, which are available in staff and student PCs through the 'Work Desk' icon on the Windows Desktop.  Some software, however, may require separate subscription at substantial discount under the enterprise agreement.  The following software licenses or enterprise agreements are currently available:


The University has signed an Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) with Adobe which allows staff to use Adobe Document Cloud (DC) and Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) subscriptions at lower annual cost.  During the subscription period, licensed users can install and use the latest versions of the subscribed software on multiple devices with their user accounts, or in a specific university device.


The University has subscribed to the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) that enables departments to install any version of the Microsoft Software ("software") covered in the agreement on their owned/leased computers for teaching or office work during the licensed period.  For regular full-time and part-time students, they are entitled to Microsoft 365 Apps for Students, under which they can also install and use the latest versions of Microsoft Office via the Microsoft EES on up to a maximum of five machines (PCs or Macs) that are owned and used by the students during their studies at the University.  Students can also run Office Mobile for Android or Office Mobile for iPhone on up to 5 mobile devices.


The University has signed an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) with VMware for using their software and support service.  The ELA entitles CityU to have unlimited rights to deploy the latest version of the corresponding VMware software.  During the course of using the VMware software, if staff or departments require support from VMware on any issues encountered, they can raise the issue to VMware via CSC Work Request.  The CSC will either help resolving the issue or route the requests to VMware for following up.


The University has subscribed to the MathWorks Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license, providing the campus community with easy access to MATLAB, Simulink and all eligible MathWorks products (80+ tools).  The TAH license allows installation of these products on university-owned or personally-owned computers for teaching, research, and learning purposes.  MATLAB Online is also available for accessing MATLAB from a web browser using a computer, tablet or smartphone.  Comprehensive training materials are also available online for staff/students to learn using these software at their own pace.


The University has joined the SPSS Site Licensing Programme for the Joint Universities Computer Centre Limited (JUCC) in which the site license fee is substantially discounted but shared amongst the participating JUCC institutions based on usage.  Departments are required to share the license fees, which is currently covered by the Computing Services Centre subject to budget availability.

Sophos Endpoint Protection

The University has acquired the licenses of Sophos Endpoint Protection for Windows & Mac operating systems, which can be installed in University-owned computers and users’ personal computers.