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CityU Scholars

for Staff, Students

CityU Scholars is an integrated research intelligence system, which aggregates CityU's research information from numerous internal and external sources.  It ensures the data that drives our strategic decisions is trusted, comprehensive and accessible in a central repository, providing a single source of truth on a timely basis.  CityU Scholars is also bundled with a searchable web portal that showcases our excellent researchers to the public with their research output, patents, projects, research activities, prize/honours, student theses, datasets, and impacts.  Moreover, it is highly integrated with the various external systems, including Elsevier’s Scopus®, Altmetric, and more, to form the most comprehensive research portal yet.

All CityU staff and research students can login to CityU Scholars to manage their research portfolio.

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For enquiries and assistance, please look up the contacts on the Enquiries page.