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CityU EID & Authentication

for Staff, Students, Alumni

CityU Electronic ID (CityU EID) is a unique ID automatically assigned to all staff and students for accessing IT services provided by the University such as AIMS, Canvas, CAP, Email, Portal, CityU Scholars and CityUWiki.  For new students, their EIDs are the same as the ones assigned to them when they were applicants during the application process.  For new staff, their EIDs are assigned to them when they accept offers from the University.  Once assigned,  the EID will be used by that person even when he/she changes his/her role in the University as a student, staff or alumnus.

The EID is generated and assigned in an alpha-numeric format based on the name of an individual user.  However, there are still cases that some existing students and alumni are using their Student Numbers as their EIDs.

As an example, for a new user, CHAN Tai Man, he may be assigned an EID of "tmchan" based on availability.  This user should use tmchan to log in all IT services provided by the University.