Guidelines on Booking CSC Teaching Studios for Non-University Curriculum

Use During Term Break and Low Usage Period

The computing facilities provided inside the CSC Teaching Studio Areas are for CityU staff and students to carry out teaching and learning activities. According to usage pattern and past experience, the demand for computers is always heavy during term time, and little room is left for external activities. As such, using CSC teaching studios, to host non-university activities is undesirable. If necessary, departments are strongly recommended to arrange external activities during semester breaks and summer.

Prior Coordination

In order to keep the computing facilities up-to-date, the CSC will base on the booking information and academic calendar to schedule renovation work, system maintenance, software upgrade and the like. Activities without prior coordination with the CSC, especially those Ad hoc ones, will surely affect the pre-scheduled maintenance work. It is, therefore, essential that hosting departments of all external activities which involve the use of these facilities seek prior approval from the CSC, as the administrator of the teaching studios at CSC, at the planning stage to avoid clash of their schedule with the planned maintenance work. Users are expected to coordinate independently with the university on the function and event that might affect the university or are of interest to the university.


Hosting departments of external activities should also observe the policies regulating Outside Practice (as specified in the Finance Office's Financial Policies and Procedures Manual, May 2003) and understand that using the CSC computing facilities may involve charges. The charging scheme is primarily based on the nature of the activity. Profit-making activities are expected to be charged at market rate. To facilitate budgeting, users should obtain prior approval as well as the charging information from the CSC.

Security Arrangement

Since leaving outsiders in the CSC Teaching Studio Areas can cause certain security problems, hosting departments of external activities should provide a complete list of participants for security checking at the CSC main entrance. They should ensure that the participants observe the rules and policies governing the use of computing facilities inside the CSC Teaching Studio Areas, and that they are only authorized to use the facilities during the approved periods.

As the teaching studios are not particularly equipped to support the senior and children, we do not recommend the arrangement of functions target for these age groups. If there is an absolute necessary, department should check whether extra insurance is required before making any arrangement.

Application Details

Formal application through letter or memo should reach the CSC office at least one week before program commencement date. Details of activity to be submitted should include the followings:

  • Purpose of activity
  • Schedule of activity
  • Number of participants
  • Program fee per participant
  • Software to be used
  • Special arrangement, if any

For further information, please send email to