Guidelines on Reserving CSC Teaching Studios

  1. CSC teaching studios are primarily set up for normal University teaching activities and students' learning and coursework.
  2. Booking for teaching studios can be made electronically (under the 'Facilities Booking' box in the e-Portal) daily from 09:00 to 22:00 including Saturdays and Public Holidays.
  3. Curriculum requiring the use of central classroom/studio/lecture theatre should be submitted to ARRO for central timetabling prior to the deadline set by ARRO. Collection of requirement and class scheduling related to their bookings and uses are coordinated by ARRO.
  4. Subject to the availability of CSC teaching studios after the central timetabling for a new semester has been finalized and curriculum-related reservations have been properly updated to the system, the online booking system will then be formally released for booking the studios for ad-hoc uses.
  5. Bookings are reserved on per studio basis starting from 09:00, each session booked starts at the beginning of an hour (i.e. 9:00, 18:00 etc.) and can last for one hour or multiple hours.
  6. All available time slots and studios for ad-hoc use are reserved on a first come, first served basis. Staff should note that students can reserve workstations inside the teaching studios three days (or four days if on Friday) in advance, and therefore, reservation for studios by staff should be made at least 4 days before use to ensure availability.
  7. When making a teaching studio booking for ad-hoc use, users are required to provide details about the instructors who will use the studio, the purpose, and, in the case of teaching, the course involved.
  8. When a booking has been confirmed on-line, users will also be subsequently notified by the booking system of the booking details through email. Users may also examine the booking status at anytime online through the same booking utility.
  9. As the demand for teaching studios is always heavy during term time, users must refrain from making two or more bookings at CSC and/or elsewhere for the same class (i.e., double bookings). Timely cancellation of unwanted bookings or refraining from making double bookings will surely help those who are in need of the classroom or studios.
  10. The CSC reserves the right to arrange room swapping when need arises.
  11. When using the teaching studios, users must observe carefully the Laws of Hong Kong and the prevailing University policies and regulations, which include, but not limited to, the copyright laws, CTNET Acceptable Use Policy, intellectual property rights, personal data privacy law, and so on.
  12. Print quota has been assigned to instructors using the teaching studio for teaching purposes (for example, demonstration of the print function or reporting feature of an application). Using the print quota to print course notes is not recommended. Request by the instructor for volume printing normally will not be entertained.
  13. Should special set-up be required in the teaching studio, users must allow the CSC at least 4 working days for preparing and completing the set-up. In the case of software customization, the CSC will make its best effort to assist the user and/or the consultant appointed by the user.
  14. Video Conferencing is not a standard provision of the teaching studio. Users are thus expected to liaise with the CSC as early as possible (and in any case not less than 4 working days) for the set-up, testing and related support. Communication cost will be charged back to the user department in the case when the session is conducted through ISDN line. The CSC may also charge the user department if the time of service rendered falls outside office hours.
  15. The teaching studios may be released to external users as a charged service of the University in summer term when the usage is low. While subject to the prevailing University's regulations and guidelines, it is treated as a case of ad-hoc use.
  16. Reservation for Non-University Curriculum (whether profit making or non-profit making) will NOT be confirmed through the online booking system. Detailed proposal of these activities should be sent to the CSC for prior approval and charging arrangement. For guidelines on booking CSC teaching studios for Non-University Curriculum, please visit the website: