A growing “Learning Family”

Athena Lau, David Lue, and Cynthia Ou


Thirty-seven new members took an oath at the 6th Anniversary of the Service Learning Initiative (SLI) on 28 October to show their determination and commitment.


In the oath, they promised to improve their strengths and curtail their weaknesses; build up their problem-solving and critical thinking ability; enhance their communication skills; become more confident, responsible, ethical, and productive; and increase their time management proficiency.


But these are not simply words on the page. When they made the oath, they were embarking on a more profound journey.


“We are acutally making a commitment,” said Alwin Leung, a student in the Department of English and Communication on the BA (Hons) English for Professional Communication programme.


Mr Joseph Chan, Director of the Student Development Services, praised the students who joined the programme.


“SLI members are hard working and have high potential to acquire Whole Person Development,” he said at the Anniversary reception. The event was held to provide an opportunity for former SLI members, employers and counsellors to share their precious experiences.


SLI was launched in 1998 with the aim to enrich students’ educational experience. Through job assignments, students learn important life and career skills that help them become more confident and competent professionals. In six years, the scheme provided chances for about 300 students to learn and develop their finest personal qualities and professional excellence, according to Professor Edmond Ko, Vice-President (Undergraduate Education) and Dean of Students.


Many alumni said the SLI programme provided them with clear insights into the reality of the work place.


“I learnt how to communicate with people through SLI assignments,” said Calvin, 1998 SLI member, who currently works for IBM.


Being responsible is one of the positive attitudes Carol Shek, a 2000 SLI member, learnt from the scheme. “Taking part in SLI enabled me to acquire more than academic knowledge. What one learns in class are knowledge and skills. But from SLI, one develops positive attitudes,” she said.


The recruiters agreed that SLI provided them with excellent helpers and prepared students for future challenges. Dr Louis Ma,

Associate Head of the Department of Information Systems, appraised SLI members’ professional working attitude. “They are proactive and well trained for the workplace,” he said.


In addition, SLI members can join follow-up workshops and refresher courses organized by CityU’s career counsellors.




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