By working closely across campus, our faculty and staff strengthen the development of our academic programmes and nurture an environment in which learning flourishes. 


Percentage of International Faculty


Number of Countries/Regions that Our International Faculty are From


Integration of Research and Teaching

Our mission is to nurture professional leaders in the fast-changing world of the 21st century and to promote the advancement of knowledge. We believe that the integration of research and teaching is integral to achieving this mission. Teaching enriches research, and research inspires teaching, and these twin drivers lie at the core of our university.


Academic Planning

The Office of the Provost plays a crucial role in academic planning and policy development by supporting the work of the Academic Policy Committee (APC) and its Board of Undergraduate Studies (BUS). This involves the development, implementation and monitoring of academic matters affecting the University as a whole.


Quality Assurance

Academic quality assurance at CityU is about providing and maintaining a high quality teaching and learning experience in a strategic and robust manner. 
Academic quality is overseen by the Quality Assurance Committee, a Senate Committee, which also provides advice on policy matters related to academic quality, as well as on academic review.

Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations are made by the University Senate to govern student progress leading to their degree awards.  Regulations concerning courses and related arrangements also apply to exchange and visiting students.

Programme and Course Catalogue

Our programmes and courses are reviewed periodically to ensure our graduates competence in the job market. They are designed to promote knowledge creation, original discoveries and innovative thinking by integrating learning and research on all levels of our professional education.

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