FMO recognized for waste reduction

Grace Ho



CityU's Facilities Management Office (FMO), achieved all the targets of the Hong Kong government's Wastewi$e Scheme, becoming the first local tertiary institution to be awarded the prestigious Gold Wastewi$e Logo.


"To get the award for the first time is easier than to maintain it. We will try our best to keep up the standards," said Mr K Y Wong, Director of FMO. "My sincere thanks go to my colleagues in the department for their concerted efforts to achieve the targets."


The Wastewi$e logo recognizes the outstanding environmental achievements and contributions of an organization. The FMO is entitled to use the logo for one year starting 1 October, on letterhead, name cards, literature and/or general advertisements, etc.



Organized by the Environmental Protection Department and coordinated by the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the Wastewi$e Scheme was established to encourage local companies and organizations to adopt measures to reduce waste generated by their operations or services.

Throughout the year, the FMO has to work with Wastewi$e Advisors to set targets, determine and implement measures and monitor progress. A total of ten waste reduction, waste reuse and waste recycle targets were established by the FMO. All of them (see table below) were achieved with in one year.





1.   To increase the wastepaper, aluminum cans and plastic bottles recycling amount by 10%.

(Paper -- 201%;
aluminum cans -- 116%;
plastic bottles -- 59%)

2.   To reduce A4 paper consumption by 9% in FMO.


3.   To organize toner / ink-jet cartridge recycling programmes in FMO.


4.   To purchase compost as a green product.


5.   To purchase recycled A4 paper equivalent to at least 20% of the amount of paper ordered in FMO.


6.   To purchase 20% toilet paper with 100% recycled content.


7.   To use recycled toner cartridges amounting to 20% of the total consumption.


8.   To reduce garden waste by reusing the residue from the shredder in gardens as mulch.


9.   To organize mobile phone battery recycling programme.


10. To purchase and use fluorescent lights with longer life



"A great challenge is to set up the targets and keep up the momentum. Raising colleagues' awareness on waste reduction and soliciting their support is very important," said Mr Tony Tung, Facilities Manager and Project Leader. "Waste reduction is meaningful; we strongly believe that waste reduction measures help streamline operations and reduce costs by enhancing efficient use of materials and resources."




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