Reforms on senior management structure


Among its many suggestions, the recent Sutherland Report on Higher Education in Hong Kong recommends that each university's governing body carry out a review of the "fitness" of its governance and management structure.


In response to this call, and to better prepare the University to harness the changing environment envisioned in the soon-to-be announced Strategic Plan for 2003---08, the President, Professor H K Chang, has initiated a governance and senior management review process. This past May, the President advised his senior colleagues that he would soon seek the Council's approval and support in pushing such a reform.

At two meetings with senior managers in September, the President said the review would focus on two pertinent governing issues: enhancing the relationship between the Council and University management; and restructuring the senior management team. On the former, the President said that the Council will invite key Council members to review the governance structure. The whole process will take 12 to 18 months.

On the latter, the review has begun and it is likely that a new senior management lineup may emerge before November. The University will also start a worldwide search for a Deputy President, as provided for under the University Ordinance.  




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