CityU and Peking University agree to collaborate


In an agreement aimed at promoting academic exchange and research activities, CityU's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHS), signed a memorandum of co-operation with the School of International Studies (SIS), Peking University, on 2 May. The agreement comprises terms on exchange of academics and research personnel, sharing of joint research results, and the financial responsibility involved. The memorandum will be valid for three years.


Professor Matthew Chen, Dean of CityU's FHS, and Professor Pan Guohua, PekingU's SIS Administrative Deputy Director, signed the memorandum, in which both parties agreed to dispatch academic and research personnel to the other university to participate in research projects of mutual interest and academic exchange activities. The results of any joint research effort, such as research papers, developed samples, physical products and attributable profits, shared among the investigators concerned, will be in accordance with the agreed extent of contribution.








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