CityU graduates awarded for social work skills

Shirley Lam


Kind hearts, stamina, and dedication -- not to mention excellent professional social work training -- have won two CityU graduates Junior Outstanding Social Worker Awards at the 11th Outstanding Social Worker Award ceremonies.

Ms Janice Yip and Ms Robeta Chan, the two award winners, became social workers in 2000 after graduating from CityU's Bachelor of Social Work degree. Ms Yip is a social worker in a secondary school in Tin Shui Wai while Ms Chan works in youth centers in Tai O and Lamma Island.

"The award is very encouraging," said Ms Yip, whose professional achievements include helping the parents of a suicide overcome their grief and guilt. "It proves that I've chosen a right career path. My efforts and energy have not been spent in vain." Ms Chan, who has won the hearts of Tai O youth, was equally gracious in accepting her award. "I'm happy to know that despite my short years in the field, my work is being recognized," she said.

The Outstanding Social Worker Award is organized each year by the Hong Kong Social Workers Association, in association with Commercial Radio, JUMP and Ming Pao, to recognize the hard work and achievements of social workers.

Ms Yip and Ms Chan are thankful for the knowledge they gained through the CityU programme. Ms Yip encourages newcomers to the profession to work hard. "One should not only work for awards. Sometimes a hearty thank-you from your clients is just as encouraging."





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