Seeking the best at education expo

Michael Woloschuk


More than just an opportunity to bolster CityU's image among mainland and international universities, China Education Expo 2001 is giving CityU the opportunity to recruit the mainland's best and brightest students.

The exposition, which was held in Beijing from 20 to 22 October and continues in Shanghai from 26 to 28 October, is the largest educational exhibition of its kind in China. More than 150 universities from the mainland and overseas will participate in the event, attracting some 60,000 visitors.

"Although one of the purposes of attending China Education Expo 2001 is to introduce people to the merits of our University, we also want to recruit quality students," said Public Affairs Office Director, Mrs Betty Chan, who is coordinating the University's presence at the exhibit. "I think this is a great time to put our best face forward, and to build a direct link between ourselves and the great talent on the mainland."

Mrs Chan, who attended the exhibit in Beijing to ensure that all went according to plan there, will do the same in Shanghai later this week. She said that CityU's exhibit was "well-received" by the more than 12,000 visitors who stopped by the CityU booth in Beijing.

The booth was stocked with the latest CityU brochures and handouts, as well as an introductory video on the University produced earlier this summer by Wuhan TV. An offline computer demonstration that highlighted up-to-date information on CityU's departments, programmes, and facilities was also on display.

Mrs Chan explained that, in view of a recent Hong Kong government initiative to boost the number of mainland students allowed to study in the city, China Education Expo 2001 is a particularly timely outreach activity. CityU is offering incentives to lure top mainland students here, including tuition-fee waivers and a $50,000 annual scholarship. Once here, mainland students can now remain, upon graduation, if they are either admitted to postgraduate programmes or find a job here.

But certainly one of the biggest attractions for mainland students, said Mrs Chan, is the University's Student Hostels Project, scheduled for completion in 2005.





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