Meet Our People

Meet Our People

Herman Hu
Dr Herman Hu Shao-ming, SBS, JP
胡曉明博士, SBS, JP
Chairman, Ryoden Development Limited
Fully committed to achieving the best

Dr Hu shared with CityU Today some of his experiences over the years.

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Kiki Hung
Kiki Hung Mei-ki
Department of Linguistics and Translation
Recipient of the HK Jockey Club Scholarship 2016-17
Against All Odds

If we take a closer look, we will learn that we have been unaware of all the things we possess, and that they have always been here.

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Ms Catherine Kwai Yuk-nin
Ms Catherine Kwai Yuk-nin
Founder and Managing Director, Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery
Court Member, CityU
Living the dream takes courage

Not everyone can turn their interests into a career, not to mention a successful business that wins wide acclaim. But Ms Catherine Kwai Yuk-nin has, as a veteran gallerist in Hong Kong.

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Johnny Lau
Johnny Lau Chun-leung
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Applied Sociology
CityU Swimming Team Trainer
Never Give Up!

Johnny Lau Chun-leung was awarded two sports scholarships this year, namely the Mr Herman Hu Outstanding Sports Scholarships and the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science Sports Awards.

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Lau Ming Wai
Mr Lau Ming-wai
Chairman, Chinese Estates Holdings Limited
Council Member, CityU
Reward for effort

When Mr Lau Ming-wai launched the Hong Kong Spirit project, he visited CityU for the promotion and recruitment of ambassadors. CityU’s enthusiastic support for the project left a deep impression on him.

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Lau Tat Chuen
Mr Lau Tat-chuen
Director, Sino International Industrial Limited
Member, Steering Committee, CityU Industrial and Business Leaders Circle
Belief in harmony

Mr Lau Tat-chuen loves golf. He enjoys the challenges that the game presents, particularly how golfers should move on after playing a shot and not look back with regret.

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Students Athletes
Hugo Poon Sheung-hei, Bachelor of Science in Surveying
Wharton Chan Wan-tung, Bachelor of Social Sciences in Asian and International Studies
Jason Cheng Kin-man, Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Postgraduate Certificate in Laws
Grace Lau Mo-sheung, Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Creative Media
Motivating CityU students to develop talents - Scholarships help transform students’ experience.

There are always ways to balance academic and talent development. Thanks to the generosity of donors, four CityU students and alumni exemplify how they strive a balance and become all-rounded persons.

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Joseph Lee
Dr Joseph Lee Chung-tak, GBS, OStJ, JP
李宗德博士, GBS, OStJ, JP
Chairman, Wofoo Plastics and Chemicals Group
Court Member, CityU
Nurturing talent for social advancement

Dr Joseph Lee Chung-tak is committed to promoting sustainable development for society and nurturing the younger generation.

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Joyce Lee
Joyce Lee Wai-yuet
Bachelor of Social Sciences in Asian and International Studies
Spreading Love to Needy Students

Joyce Lee develops her interest in community services by joining many volunteering programmes.

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Peggy Lee
Peggy Lee Pui-lam
Senior Servant Leader of Servant Leadership Training Programme (SLTP) 2016-17
Serving and Leading

Just in a blink of an eye, I have already studied in CityU for 2 years. Also, I have been a member of the Servant Leadership Training Programme (SLTP) for 2 years.

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