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Peggy Lee

Just in a blink of an eye, I have already studied in CityU for 2 years. Also, I have been a member of the Servant Leadership Training Programme (SLTP) for 2 years.

Peggy Lee Pui-lam
Senior Servant Leader of Servant Leadership Training Programme (SLTP) 2016-17

The programme is unique in that it provides participants with opportunities to learn and apply. Participants can get involved in devising service content and also put their ideas into action. Training sessions are given to equip participants with knowledge and skills for that particular service. Upon completing the first year’s activities, SLTP’s participants can be promoted to the next level, becoming “Senior Servant Leaders” to lead the new servant leaders.

As a "Wellness Transformer" in SLTP, I am mainly responsible for providing disadvantaged children and youngsters with fitness training.

Earlier this year, we organised a fitness activity for some disabled students from Hong Kong Red Cross Margaret Trench School. At first, we found it difficult to come up with an activity which could cater for the needs of all students. Considering the professional advice of the school’s representative, we decided to put students with varied levels of disability in each group so that they, in spite of their weaknesses, could learn to help each other. Knowing that the feedback by the students was very positive and that they looked forward to similar activities in the future, I felt much joy and satisfaction!

SLTP is a platform for me to serve the society and unleash my leadership potential. I have also met lots of like-minded friends there. It was such a fruitful experience!

Peggy Lee
A good activity lets participants interact with each other.
Peggy Lee
A simple warm-up exercise can be exciting with creativity.
Peggy Lee
Planning the details before every service.



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