CityU's enterprises and professional services thrive in economic rebound

Regina Lau


  CityU’s advanced know-how and technologies are making an impact on the socio-economic development of Hong Kong and the region. Two CityU subsidiary companies, CityU Enterprises Ltd (CityUE) and CityU Professional Services Ltd (CPS),

reported robust growth in 2004, at their joint annual dinner, 2 February. Over 60 company board and staff members gathered to celebrate their success and look forward to future prosperity.

 Dr James Wong, CityUE Board Chairman, kicked off the annual dinner with a heartening announcement: the group of companies under CityUE registered a total turnover of more than HK$ 80 million in 2004, a phenomenal growth of 92%, capitalizing on the post-SARS economic rebound in Hong Kong. He thanked the industrial sector and investors for helping many of CityU’s advanced technologies transform into commercial enterprises. “These research endeavors by CityU staff and students are of huge market potential. I am sure your wise investments will lead to even more rewarding results in the future.” CityUE was formed to promote, encourage and support CityU staff members in commercializing their research. To date, there are four subsidiary companies, 21 associated companies and 12 investments -- 37 companies in total -- in the CityUE Group.    

Mr Leung Lit On, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the CPS, also reported an encouraging performance. The CPS secured 795 consultancy projects in 2003-04, with a total turnover of HK$44 million. Major clientele consisted of professional bodies, government departments, manufacturing industries and educational institutions. “Profit-making is not the primary objective of CPS. Our mission is to serve the community, using the advanced know-how and technologies of CityU,” said Mr Leung. The CPS, a company set up to facilitate and promote consultancy work and contract research, also caters to the corporate training needs of public and private organizations on the mainland. With the establishment of the CityU Professional Development Centre last year, the CPS offers various executive training programmes for institutions such as the Beijing Capital International Airport, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, and joint training programmes with the municipal governments of Harbin and Beijing. “Executive training for mainland institutions helps foster interaction and integration between Hong Kong and the mainlad,” Mr Leung said. “It will continue to be the focus of the CPS in 2005.”

The latest CPS training programme for mainland educationalists, held from 31 January to 6 February at CityU, offered 25 executives from the Chongqing Institute of Technology (CIT) a new perspective on the concepts of higher education management in Hong Kong. Professor Rao Ninghua, a leading member of the CIT delegation commended the programme as a “highly stimulating” experience.  He said, “CityU impresses me as a highly dynamic institution. I see a ‘student-centered’ education culture here which could be a role model for higher education on the mainland.”

Also officiating at the annual dinner were: Professor H K Chang, CityU President; Professor David Tong, Deputy President; and Mr James Ng, Executive Director of the Office of CityU Extension (CTEX). The participants were also treated to anecdotes about a CityUE company and a CPS consultancy at an experience-sharing session, during which Dr S L Chan, Chief Executive Officer of SoftEnable Technology Ltd and Dr K K Leung, Director of Quality Evaluation Centre told of their struggles and successes. 




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