Local musicians at Workshop-Competition for high school students


A "New Media Communication Workshop and Competition" organized by the Department of English and Communication (EN) will be held 25 October, (Saturday). This event has been developed expressly to introduce some Web page design and production techniques, as well as a taste of university life, to Form 6 and 7 students. Although there were over 100 excellent applicants, a limited number of students have been selected to join the event, in the New Media Lab (Rm Y7544), 7th Floor, Lift 4, Yellow Zone, Academic Building, City University of Hong Kong.

"We stand on the cutting edge of new media training that is based on a commitment to broad liberal education. We are proud to share our expertise and opportunities with aspiring high school students in Hong Kong," Department Head (EN), Professor Lee Chin Chuan remarked. Secondary students will have a unique opportunity to learn and apply IT skills. There will be prizes for the winning team and souvenirs for all.



Students will spend the morning (9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.) or afternoon (2:30-5:00 p.m.) learning basic techniques in Web page design and video production. Then they will be asked to compete in groups to design a multimedia promotional website for a musical celebrity.



Mr Denis Ng will perform live for the students in the morning session. Denis has also performed for Live In Toronto 200, CX City Grand Opening (Hong Kong), and Bar None with Talentpage (Singapore). The afternoon session will feature Mr Rickard Malmsten, a bass player from Sweden now living in Hong Kong, and Dr Kenneth R Rose, Associate Professor (EN). The duo will perform jazz guitar and bass duets Dr Rose's first CD, "Slow Poke", was released in September 2002, and features six of his own compositions.



The day promises to be an exciting opportunity for the students to apply what they learn, with a real source of motivation and immediate, concrete results to show for their efforts.





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