CityU student wins IEE Paper Contest championship

Grace Ho


"Whatever you do, do it with your best." By a spirit of perseverance, Mr Kenji Yum Tsz-yin, an electronic engineering graduate this year, clinched the championship in the IEE Hong Kong Young Members Section Paper Contest 2002 with his paper "Novel Sub-harmonically Pumped Mixers Incorporating Spiral Compact Microstrip Resonant Cells for Low Cost Wireless Communications Subsystems". The eight finalists in the contest are all PhD students, except Kenji.

Millimeter wave technology is the key for supporting the transmission of substantial communication channels in high frequency bandwidth. Kenji's research aims to develop low-cost solutions for millimeter-wave communication, which is strategically important in improving broadband interconnection infrastructure in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Kenjir invented a new generation of harmonic mixer, which can achieve super low-conversion loss at one tenth of the cost but 100 times performance improvement of similar products in the market. The invention can be used in multi-media communication services, collision avoidance system and indoor wireless LANs.

The University is seeking a Chinese and US patent for Kenji's invention. Several international corporations have also shown interest in the new product.

Kenji said learning at CityU has added much values to his personal growth and professional development. "I learn that one should never look down upon himself and should not give up without even trying. Work extremely hard towards your goal. You will find that the efforts you have paid will not lay waste but produce fruitful results."





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