Creative Media students demonstrate their talent

Libbie Lai


Materials ranging from metal and cloth to wood and ropes and plastic were used to illustrate the artists' views of life in an exhibition showcasing the artwork of 27 first and second year students from CityU's School of Creative Media.

The Studio2 Photography and Installation (Work in Progress) Exhibition, at the CityU Gallery from 12-26 November, reflects the students' perceptions of life and personal and social problems. The photography section features scenic shots and portraits of people and animals. In the installation, one student was inspired to create an exhibit of pantyhose, to express his perception that women present themselves as being fragile, like pantyhose, to protect themselves.

After visiting the exhibition, Wendy Lo, a second year student, said, "The artworks are creative and innovative and show the students' artistic talent, as well as their ability to turn their ideas into reality." She added that she would like to see more art exhibitions to enhance the artistic sensibilities of CityU students. "The world would be a boring place without art." 





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