Team spirit fuels CityU runners in Hong Kong marathon

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A team of 1,100 CityU runners led by Mr Lester G. Huang, Council Chairman of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), and Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, competed in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon (SCHKM) 2019 on 17 February.

Teachers and students from four special schools ran alongside the CityU team as a way to promote greater social integration.

Mr Huang ran the 1.8K Leaders Cup event for the first time and Professor Kuo ran the 10K race, for the 11th consecutive year, together with 486 CityU runners. In addition, 320 members of the team took part in the full marathon and 273 in the half marathon.

The enthusiastic support of staff, students and alumni kept team spirit alive for the athletes throughout the event, enabling CityU to take 6th place in the race’s Most Supportive Group Award.

Around 40 teachers and students from four special school joined with CityU runners in the 10K event. The schools were Mary Rose School; Hong Kong Red Cross Margaret Trench School; Society of Boys’ Centres Chak Yan Centre School; and the CCC Kei Shun Special School.

CityU staff and students coached participants from these four schools in the weeks leading up to the marathon. The aim was to encourage healthy activities, enhance concentration and promote social inclusion.

The support team formed by a large group of about 140 students cheered on CityU athletes and boosted their spirit.

Excellent results were achieved by our runners, with Ms Lui Wai-man winning second runner- up in the 10-kilometre Woman’s Overall Challenge by a finishing time of 37 minutes 52 seconds.

Notes to editors: 

File name: photo_1.jpg
Caption: Mr Huang joins the 1.8-km Leaders Cup event this year in his role as the CityU Council Chairman the first time.

File name: photo_2.jpg
Caption: Professor Kuo joins SCHKM for the 11th year.

File name: photo_3.jpg
Caption: The CityU Delegation team gets ready for the race.

File name: photo_4.jpg
Caption: The support team formed by our students keeps morale high throughout the race.

File name: photo_5.jpg
Caption: Mr Wong and Professor Kuo chat and take photo with students from Mary Rose School after the race.

File name: photo_6.jpg
Caption: Team spirit boosts the energy and determination of CityU runners.

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