CityU hosts symposium on developing nuclear energy for a secure future

Emily Law

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(From 4th, left) Mr Au Chi-kwong, Acting Secretary for Security, Mr Yao Bin, Professor Way Kuo and Mr Chan Siu-hung, Managing Director-China of CLP Holdings Limited, and the guests at the symposium.


Renowned experts on nuclear energy from around the world shared their knowledge of and insights into the latest developments in the field of nuclear energy at a symposium held at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) on 22 December.

The symposium, titled “Developing Nuclear Energy – A Secure Future”, was jointly organised by CityU and the Hong Kong Nuclear Society. It served as a platform for world-class experts to share insights on the challenges and opportunities associated with the safe application of nuclear energy in the region.

Prof Kuo
President Kuo 


Professor Way Kuo, CityU President, extended a warm welcome to the guests at the opening ceremony. He said  the development of nuclear energy had to be positioned in alignment with what he called the “rainbow energy sources”, referring to seven kinds of energy: hydropower, fossil fuel (coal, oil and natural gas), nuclear, wind and solar energy, biofuel, and others (geothermal, ocean energy and marsh gas).

Professor Kuo pointed out that each has its pros and cons; and that each complements the others to produce a more sustainable era for the planet and a better range of energy sources.

He emphasised that CityU’s strategy was to seek ways to prepare for growth in the production and best use of energy by, for example, nurturing professional talent, and at the same time educating the public about the reality of rainbow energy, and suggesting that nuclear energy is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

The distinguished speakers at the symposium were:

  • Ms Li Jingyun, Deputy Chief, Division of Policy & Technology, National Nuclear Safety Administration

  • Dr Toshimitsu Homma, Senior Advisor at the Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan

  • Professor Sun Yuliang, Deputy Director, Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology, Tsinghua University

  • Ms Chen Rong, China Nuclear Energy Association

  • Mr Jean-Luc Lachaume, Executive Director for Emergency Preparedness and Response, IRSN, France

  • Mr Yao Bin, Deputy Director General, National Nuclear Emergency Response Office (NNERO)

  • Professor Kim Moo-hwan, Division of Advanced Nuclear Engineering, POSTECH

There were discussions and exchanges on nuclear-related issues, including legislative regulations, emergency-response system, manpower training, and the latest developments in nuclear engineering technology.

Regarding the development of the nuclear industry and manpower training in the Mainland, a nuclear technology manpower training system has been set up, according to Ms Chen. The system will focus on basic university education and will be complemented by on-the-job training provided by related enterprises to enhance the quality of nuclear professionals.

Ms Chen suggested that Hong Kong should make use of its strengths in innovation and technology to nurture more nuclear professionals.





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