CityU President encourages secondary school students to explore and innovate

Eva Choy

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Professor Way Kuo, President of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), offered advice to secondary school graduates and presented certificates and awards to them in the speech days of an education sponsoring body and three secondary schools in May. 

Professor Kuo attended the joint speech day of Po Leung Kuk’s 17 secondary schools and the speech days of  Pui Kiu College, The Church of Christ in China (CCC) Heep Woh College, and The Association of Directors & Former Directors of Poi Oi Hospital Ltd. Leung Sing Tak College on 17, 20 (morning and afternoon) and 25 May, respectively. 

In his address, Professor Kuo pointed out that the acquisition of knowledge was important, but that the principle of education was to develop students’ passion for learning. “I hope you all can keep a curious heart for exploration,” he told the students. “Even after joining the workforce, you should adhere to the objective of lifelong learning.” 

Professor Kuo also told interesting anecdotes to explain the importance of innovation and critical thinking. He indicated that it was not enough to be equipped with knowledge only in today’s society, since cities like Hong Kong were constantly changing with the free flow of information. Therefore, one must have a clear mind and be able to adapt to changes in order to make use of knowledge for the well-being of society. 

During his visit to CCC Heep Woh College, Professor Kuo was interviewed by students on his opinion about how the education systems differed in Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas countries, as well as his view of Hong Kong students.​​

Professor Kuo (first right) is the officiating guest of Po Leung Kuk Joint Secondary Schools Speech Day.​​​​
Professor Kuo is interviewed by students of CCC Heep Woh College. ​​​​​​



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