New teams for servant leadership programme

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Around 130 students have been selected to join the six service teams of the Servant Leadership Training Programme (SLTP), now in its second year.
Three of the teams are newly established, namely Social Walkman, WebXplorer and Wise Walker, and each one offers a unique platform for students. Details of the services offered by the new teams are as below: 
  • Social Walkman: students explore issues about ethnic minorities through community studies and learning by action
  • WebXplorer: students teach deprived children how to use the internet and create a portfolio
  • Wise Walker: students mentor children of parents with visual/hearing impairments and provide assistance to the families
Following the success of last year’s programme, more than 50 participants have been promoted to be senior servant leaders. They will take part in another level of training and take on a proactive role in coaching the new servant leaders.
Over 130 participants, including students and representatives from partner organisations, attended the Kick-Off Ceremony on 11 October.  Officiating at the ceremony were Professor Horace Ip Ho-shing, Vice-President (Student Affairs), and Dr Tim Wong Chi-tim, Director of Student Development Services. They both encouraged the new servant leaders to develop leadership skills by serving others and to widen their horizons by participating in the SLTP.


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