President addresses innovative energy policies at sustainability conference

Cathy Lau

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Professor Way Kuo
, President of City University of Hong Kong, delivered a keynote speech at the Sustainable Development Conference 2014 in October.
Themed “The Future of Sustainability – From Planning to Implementation”, the conference aimed at fostering discussions on a range of topics pertaining to the implementation of environmentally friendly practices in development in order to achieve a sustainable future.
The conference was attended by Mr Wong Kam-sing, JP, Secretary for the Environment, who delivered an opening speech on fostering a sustainable built environment in Hong Kong.
Professor Kuo, a Member of the US National Academy of Engineering and Academia Sinica in Taiwan as well as a Foreign Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Russian Academy of Engineering, delivered his keynote speech on innovative energy policies.
He said every government should look at its own natural and geological situations when working out an energy policy and investing resources in technology innovation for social sustainability.
He pointed out that seven types of energy solutions could be developed: the use of residual waste heat; the shock wave combustion generator; magnetic refrigeration; “hot electrons” that double the efficiency of solar cells; fusion-triggered fission; solar-fuelled synthetic gasoline; and cleaner coal produced by using a kind of salt to suck carbon dioxide from smokestacks.
Professor Kuo mentioned that these energy technologies could significantly improve energy security and efficiency but they needed substantial funding and investment for development.
Another keynote speaker at the conference was Dr Linda Friedland, International Health Consultant and Corporate Advisor, who talked about the motivations behind sustainable living. Professor Kuo joined Dr Friedland and other speakers including Ms Nissa Marion, Co-founder and Editor in Chief of Ecozine, and Ms Liu Su, Head of Greater China and the Water Policy Research of Civic Exchange to exchange views on “Sustainability – The Real Impact on Humanity” in a panel discussion moderated by Dr William Yu, CEO of the World Green Organisation.
Organised by the Chinachem Group, the event was the third edition of its biennial sustainability conference.


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