Taiwanese Mayor visits CityU to discuss role of humour in society

Scarlett Leung

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City University of Hong Kong (CityU) held a Distinguished Lecture hosted by Dr Jason Hu, Mayor of Taichung City, Taiwan, on 7 December. The theme of the lecture was the essential role played by humour in society, one of the signature events of CityU’s 25th anniversary programme.

Dr Hu is renowned across Taiwan for his eloquence, wit and good humour. He firmly believes that humour plays an important role in interpersonal relationships and social interaction. He runs his mayor’s office effectively and has brought harmony to the people and the city.

During the lecture, Dr Hu stressed that humour possessed the special quality of making people happy by embellishing situations with added flavour and interest. “Humour is a global language for it is humour which makes all men one,” he said. Dr Hu shared the keys to dealing with different people and issues by presenting real examples. His lively tips included analysing things from different angles, seeking harmony in preference to conflict, treating others with sincerity, performing tasks in a positive manner and adopting an optimistic attitude. His interesting examples, taken from his actual work experience, were delivered with humour and insight.

CityU is committed to realising student potential, creating applicable knowledge and promoting social and economic advancement. With an emphasis on whole-person development, the University organises various activities for students, such as Project Star, seminars, the Student Ambassadors Programme and Student Leadership Conference. The objective is to enhance student leadership and communication skills to ensure their career and personal success. The lecture provided a valuable opportunity for CityU teachers and students to learn from Dr Hu’s excellent leadership and communication skills.

Dr Hu pointed out that humour had the capacity to perform various social and professional functions. “It can help resolve difficult situations, demonstrate kindness and ease conflict. It could also be used to negate an opponent’s arrogance, display charisma and project a noble bearing. We should create a world full of humour, as it is the best medicine for health and a shortcut to success,” he concluded.

Dr Hu graduated from the National Chengchi University in Taiwan with a bachelors degree in diplomacy. He continued his studies in the US and UK and received a masters degree from the University of Southampton and a D.Phil from Oxford in international relations. Dr Hu was appointed Director General for the Government Information Office in 1991. He then represented Taiwan’s government in Washington in 1996 and 1997, before a two-year stint as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Taipei. He was elected Mayor of Taichung City in 2001 and has remained in office since.


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