Council Chairman discusses leadership traits

Ellen Chan

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The Hon Leung Chun-ying, Council Chairman of City University of Hong Kong, shared his views on nurturing the leaders of tomorrow with more than 100 students and alumni on the evening of 19 October.

The topic of the talk was "Nurturing Future Leaders: From Student to Professional”. Leung Chun-ying said young people are a valuable resource and the pillars of Hong Kong’s future. He encouraged students to think more about the future role of Hong Kong in order for it to fully benefit from the process of integration with the mainland.

Leung Chun-ying said as future leaders, young people should have an ideal of what Hong Kong will become and try to contribute to this future. “I hope students can discuss more about the future of Hong Kong, analysing different statistics to better understand Hong Kong’s situation. This may help Hong Kong society to move forward,” he said.

“Hong Kong is facing many challenges. When a leader makes a decision, he faces many dilemmas. A leader needs to understand details of Hong Kong’s competitive edge as well as possess political leadership skills that can be used to guide society,” Leung Chun-ying added.

He said leadership qualities were not innate, but learnt and polished with experience. “Excellent leaders share common attributes. They are motivated, diligent and have good time management skills,” Leung Chun-ying said.

Students and alumni responded enthusiastically to the address and made use of the chance to ask Leung Chun-ying about a number of political and social issues.

“Nurturing Future Leaders: From Student to Professional” was one of the talks of the Civility Dialogue Series. It was initiated and coordinated by Dr Cheung Chor-yung, Residence Master of Alumni Civility Hall and Senior Teaching Fellow of the Department of Public and Social Administration, providing opportunities for students to meet people from all walks of life. Previous guest speakers were Mr Joseph Wong Wing-ping, Mr Raymond Wong Yuk-man and Dr Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai.


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