President visits student families and residence halls to learn about their daily lives

Ellen Chan & Jo Kam

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Since assuming the presidency, Professor Way Kuo has participated in various student activities in order to enhance communication with students and better understand their needs. Throughout July and August, he visited the families of seven students before calling in on the student residence halls to learn more about their living environment and studies.


Lau Ka-ling, a Year 3 Department of Management student, said she was both excited and nervous about the president visiting her family. On the day of visit, Professor Kuo enjoyed a couple of relaxing hours chatting with her family on topics ranging from household matters to school anecdotes. "Professor Kuo is very kind and friendly and cares about the students," said Lau Ka-ling. "He does not restrict himself to his office dealing with the paperwork. He takes the time to visit students and gain an understanding of their lives."


Cheng Cheuk-him, a second-year School of Law student, said he was touched by the warmth of the president during the visit to his home. He was also pleased to have the opportunity to express his viewpoints on the University's development. "Professor Kuo not only listened attentively but also discussed University issues with me in an open-minded way," said Cheng Cheuk-him. "I think it is essential the president respects students' opinions."


Residence halls are a second home for students and hall life is invariably a memorable part of campus life. Professor Kuo visited the student residence halls on 18 September. His first stop was the Jockey Club Humanity Hall, an undergraduate residence hall. Kwok Hiu-in, a freshman of the Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, was responsible for receiving the President. Before meeting him, she admitted harbouring fears the President might be unapproachable and strict. "My fears were soon allayed," Kwok Hiu-in said. "The President was congenial and loved interacting with students and sharing his experiences with us," she added.


After conversing with mainland and overseas student residents, Professor Kuo visited another residence hall to meet graduate students. Yang Hao, a graduate student of the Department of Building and Construction as well as a residence tutor, welcomed the President on behalf of the student residents. In recognition of Professor Kuo's role as the helmsman of CityU, Yang Hao presented a photograph he had taken of Hong Kong sailing boats as a gift.


During the visit, Professor Kuo participated in a friendly table-tennis competition with three student residents and sampled special home-style dishes prepared by other student residents. Chan Yuk-ting, a Year 2 student of the Department of Marketing, spent four hours preparing the food. "I would like Professor Kuo to experience the typical hall life and home-cooked fare," she said. Yang Hao also cooked four Hebei dishes for Professor Kuo, who complimented the chefs.


In October, Professor Kuo will visit more student homes to further boost his communication with students.


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