CityU students clinch championship at logistics and transport contest

Scarlett Leung

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Employing teamwork, analytical skills and flawless presentation, students from the Department of Public and Social Administration of City University of Hong Kong (CityU) towered over their Macau and Hong Kong fellow competitors in winning the 2008 Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Student Day championship.


Organised by the CILT, the contest was held on 8 March to arouse the interest of students in the logistics and transport industry. This was the first year Macau university students took part. On the day of the contest, participating teams were required to draw lots for their own topic and were allowed 90 minutes to study the topic and prepare a report to be presented to the judges. The panel judges’ evaluation was based on their understanding and analysis of the topic, solutions proposed and presentation skill.


The five winning students from CityU were Tony Chan Hoi-hong, Lucy Cheng Lo-sai, Castle Ng Yu-hok, Ivan Wan Ying-wai and Timothy Wan Lap-tsun. Their distinctive points of view relating to over-capacity of air logistics on the mainland impressed the panel judges. In light of the increasing number of airports on the mainland and influx of overseas airliners, together with the rising global crude oil price and slow-down of exports worldwide, the team concluded the air logistics industry on the mainland was in need of reform. Among its many ideas, the team proposed borrowing from the European practice of expanding into more economical air transport routes. This could involve transferring excess cargo capacity to passenger transportation, demand of which was increasing on the mainland. They also proposed the integration of sea and air freight logistics and postponement of the building of new airports.


The winning students said they understood that teamwork and trust between team members was the key to success.


“We have enhanced our presentation skill, analytical and thinking abilities as well as built up our self-confidence,” Timothy, the team’s leader, said. “We have also learnt more about time management and how to work under pressure,” he added.


Tony, who was responsible for data collection, said it was a golden opportunity for the team to learn about their own capabilities. “We understand everyone has his limitations and strengths, so we work in synergy to create the best effect,” he said.


The students started to prepare two months in advance. CityU’s all-rounded and professional education has rendered them a solid foundation, allowing the team to cope with the topics with ease and to compete with students majoring in transport and logistics.


“We set high standards for the students. Besides keeping them informed of current issues, we also train them on their judgmental and critical thinking abilities,” said Ms Michelle Ma Kai-yung, Instructor I of the Department. The students agreed that the stringent standards and sound guidance of their instructors were the best motivation for success.


“Throughout this event, the students have recognised that transport and logistics is more than an economic issue. It has impact on our daily life, from the environmental issues to the safety aspects,” Michelle Ma added.



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