CityU Information Day helps secondary students navigate university life

Jenny Kwan

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City University of Hong Kong (CityU) introduced its programmes, campus life and facilities to secondary students, parents, teachers and the general public at its annual Information Day on 13 October. The event provided visitors with a clearer idea of how CityU could help incoming students complete the transformation into well-educated professionals.


The theme “From Student to Professional” encourages students to use their time to study hard and properly prepare themselves to become ideal graduates and professionals.


CityU also organised a series of seminars this year, in which University professionals and local celebrities explored parents’ roles in preparing for their children’s university education.


At the opening ceremony of the parents’ seminar, Professor Richard Ho Yan-ki, Acting President of CityU said, “University life is an important milestone in one’s life. During these three years, one will learn the essential skills of dealing with people and challenges. Students will also make decisions about their career development.”


Professor Ho emphasised that parents play a decisive role in nurturing their children into professionals, and encouraged parents to work closely with schools in order to help their children build a bright future. “A bright future means they will be able to earn their living and enjoy their life,” Professor Ho explained.


Professor Ho introduced two of CityU’s new teaching strategies: improving students’ English language skills and helping them to develop a global mindset.


“CityU has set up a Language Companion Course, in which an online English coach will be assigned to each student. We expect about 5,000 students will benefit in the coming year,” Professor Ho said. “Moreover, all programmes will include international elements, such as offering students the opportunity and financial support to become an exchange student or intern overseas.”


Under the theme, “How can parents guide their children towards tertiary education?”, talks were given under three topics:


- Tips on the parent-child relationship - TV personality Ms Chan Man-yee and Dr Kam Ping-kwong, Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Social Studies, shared their views as parents and social services experts on encouraging parents to adopt a positive attitude in guiding their children towards university life.


- Effective communication skills - Ms Lavender Cheung W Y, Chief Anchor of CABLE News Channel and Dr Ma Ka-fai, Assistant Director of the Chinese Civilisation Centre, shared their views on how to communicate effectively in order to successfully showcase one’s ability to others.


- Career development - Mr Ng Yu, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Emperor Entertainment Group Limited and Dr Priscilla Leung Mei-fun, Associate Professor, School of Law, talked about techniques in advising students on their career development.


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