CityU launches “A+++ Scholarship” Schemes for outstanding students

Grace Ho

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City University of Hong Kong (CityU) announces today (22 May) the launch of the “A+++ Scholarship” Schemes to reward newly-recruited students with outstanding academic and sports achievements to be admitted to the University in the 2006-07 academic year. The Schemes offer an entrance scholarship, a student exchange scholarship and a residence scholarship to nurture talented students and develop their potential to contribute to the society.

“The A+++ Scholarship” Schemes are open to all students applying to CityU’s bachelor’s degree programmes through the Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS). Students with outstanding academic results will be offered an entrance scholarship and a student exchange scholarship. If they also demonstrate outstanding sports performance, they will be offered a residence scholarship. The duration of the scholarships depends on whether the recipients are undertaking a three-year or a four-year programme at the University. The maximum amount a single student can receive is set at $280,000.

“The launch of the A+++ Scholarship Schemes once again demonstrates that CityU strives to provide students with a professional education and a holistic learning experience,” said Professor Richard Ho, Vice-President (Undergraduate Education).

“It also reflects that CityU is promoting an internationalized education. We support students to take part in overseas exchanges in order to broaden their horizons,” Professor Ho said, adding that the Scholarship Schemes provided talented students with an opportunity to receive a university education at CityU where they can learn and grow.

Students who attain a score of 16 or above in two Advanced Level (AL) subjects (e.g. two Bs in AL) or one AL subject plus two Advanced Supplementary (AS) Level subjects, with at least a C grade in the AS Use of English or Chinese Language and Culture, will be offered an entrance scholarship of $40,000 per annum. If they attain 18 (e.g. one A and one B in AL) or above, the scholarship will be $50,000 per annum. Students will be offered the scholarship every year until they complete their bachelor’s degree programme, provided that their cumulative grade point average (CGPA) reaches 3.0 or above in each academic year.

In addition, the University will offer a student exchange scholarship to all entrance scholarship recipients to provide them with opportunities to broaden their international horizons and to pursue whole-person development. The exchange scholarship will support the students on a student exchange programme in an overseas or mainland university for one semester in the second or third year of their study. The amount a student can receive depends on where the specific exchange programme takes place. The highest possible amount that a student can receive is $40,000, which will sponsor the students in terms of accommodation, airfare and related expenses.

The residence scholarship rewards JUPAS candidates admitted to the University on the “Student Athletes Admission Scheme”. Each will be offered a residence scholarship of $10,000 per annum, sponsoring them to stay in the student residence during their studies at the University. This not only helps promote whole-person development at the University, it also allows students to take part in sports activities and enhances their leadership skills by organizing hostel activities. Students will be offered the residence scholarship each year provided that their CGPA maintains 2.5 or above in each academic year. In addition, they have to be assessed by the Student Development Services’ coaches each year and prove to have attained satisfactory performance in sports.

“Students do not just acquire professional knowledge at CityU, they also have ample opportunities to develop their potential by taking part in a range of activities and overseas exchanges,” Professor Lilian Vrijmoed, Dean of Student Learning, said. “We strive to help students actualize their potential and grow to be a ‘whole’ person. We hope our students can enhance their competitiveness and lay a solid foundation for future success.”

Professor Vrijmoed said the University supported students in all aspects of their lives. “We hope students can be the best that they can be.”


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