Fundraising plans to boost whole person education and caring culture

Shirley Lam

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CityU announces the launch of two fundraising schemes: the 1% Fundraising Project and the BRIDGE to Success Fundraising Programme on 26 April. In addition to providing channels for CityU students, staff, alumni and successful leaders of society to express their care for education through participation in the education process, the two schemes aim to nurture the spirit of giving among CityU students and to further promote the caring culture on campus.


In view of the changing Government funding pattern for higher education, universities are actively looking for support from society. Whether in monetary

terms or in kind, CityU students, staff and alumni who care about the quality of student development and the sustained growth of the University are demonstrating whole-hearted support for various fundraising initiatives. A culture of caring is gradually taking root in the University.


“We hope the two schemes will help foster both caring culture and giving spirit at CityU,” said Professor H K Chang, CityU President.


As reflected in its slogan, “1% donation, 100% care”, the “1% Fundraising Project” will provide a platform for CityU students, staff and alumni to show their care and support for the University through regular voluntary donations. “‘1% donation’ is only a slogan and the meaning of the scheme lies not in the amount of money raised but in reinforcing the sense of belonging to CityU,” said Professor Chang. “For students, in particular, we hope that the scheme will help them nurture a caring heart and develop the habit of lending a helping hand to good social causes.”


The BRIDGE to Success, on the other hand, targets successful businessmen and industrialists. This scheme provides a platform for successful leaders in society to take part directly in the education process, not only through donations but also by sharing their success stories to inspire students. The University will feature these stories in a series of short videos which will be used as training resource for career and leadership training. The videos will be kept in the Library, Career Centre and student activity centres. In addition, these leaders will be invited to share their valuable experiences at seminars or high-table dinners at the University.


Dr Dennis Sun, member of the CityU Council and Chairman of the Council’s Community Relations Committee, is in full support of the two fundraising projects. “I hope that CityU will be able to project its image as a caring institution, one that provides an environment in which students prosper and achieve their goals,” Dr

Sun said. “In turn, students will have a stronger sense of belonging to the University and will show more care and support for CityU.”


To show her support, Christina Foo, a final-year student of the Department of English and Communication who joins CityU’s On-Campus Service Learning Scheme (OSS) launched earlier this year, has committed to donate 1% of her monthly earning to the University. “If I donate 1% of my monthly earning of say, $2,000, it is just about $20.

But it is really the care I show  to the University that matters,” she said.


“The significance of the “1%” and “BRIDGE to Success” lies in the cultivation of a caring culture and a giving habit . It is the degree of participation and not the amount of money that matters,” said Mr Andrew Fan, a dedicated alumni donor who graduated in 1988. In support of the schemes, Mr Fan has committed to donate a maximum of

HK$200,000 to match the amount raised by participants of the OSS.


The Students’ Union (SU) is also in support of the schemes which, according to Mr Douglas Wong, SU President, help strengthen the links among staff, students and alumni, and thus facilitate their collaboration in

supporting further development of the University.


Mrs Dorothy Davies, Associate Director of the Student Development Services (SDS), who joined CityU in 1984, has developed a strong sense of belonging to the University. Not only did she witness the growth of the University and student development, she also felt the development of a caring culture. “I strongly feel the whole-hearted support of different members of the CityU community for the University,” she said.





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