FB invited Mr Peter Wong to speak on essential leadership qualities

Claudia Ho

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Over 300 students, alumni and professors participated in City University of Hong Kong’s Joint EMBA Annual and MSc (Banking / Finance / Financial Engineering) Spring Dinner at the InterContinental Hong Kong Hotel, enjoying an evening with the famous banker Mr Peter Wong Tung-shun, JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Institute of Bankers and Adjunct Professor in CityU’s Department of Economics and Finance, who shared his experience as a leader in the intensely competitive banking field. At the opening of the Dinner held on 23 February, Professor H K Chang, CityU President, informed the participants that the University’s Faculty of Business (FB) was recently accredited by the AACSB (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business—the premier accreditation agency for business schools around the world). AACSB International promotes continuous improvement in management education.

Professor Chang also remarked that CityU is a very balanced university. Not only does the University have a very good Faculty of Business but it also has other faculties covering science and engineering, humanities and social sciences; the School of Creative Media that combines technology and humanity; the School of Law that covers social justice; and people dedicated to studying Chinese and western cultures. 

The FB is the first business school in Hong Kong to achieve accreditation under new international standards that were adopted by AACSB in 2003. According to the AACSB Peer Review Team Visit Report, the FB’s degree programmes demonstrate overall high quality and a strong commitment to continuous improvement by the University’s administration, FB staff and students; moreover, there is positive growth in the research environment. This is attributable to the FB’s leadership and cooperation among the Faculty’s personnel.

One of the most memorable FB events of the year, the annual Dinner provides not only a golden opportunity for students to network, but also a platform for learning from successful leaders in management. Mr Wong, this year’s Keynote Speaker, talked about “Passion within Reason: Leadership in an Interconnected World”—his philosophy and experiences over the past 25 years in Hong Kong’s volatile banking industry. Mr Wong began his banking career at Citibank in 1980.

Highlighting the essential characteristics of a leader, Mr Wong said, “Leadership is something that you have to nurture, develop, learn and refine. In order to deal with turbulent situations, a leader has to understand his business well and have a strong team working for him. He also has to understand the mass psychology of the public so that he knows what to say that will influence the public positively.”

The FB’s EMBA programme is designed for senior executives and entrepreneurs. Launched in 1997, its aims are to give senior managers the ability to examine their business and the wider business environment strategically, and capitalise on opportunities as they arise.

The MSc programmes (Banking / Finance / Financial Engineering) were launched between 1992 and 1997, and are highly respected by professionals in the banking and finance sectors of Hong Kong today. The MSc (Banking) programme provides bankers with up-to-date knowledge of corporate banking, market and credit risk management, and the internal control of banking institutions. The MSc (Finance) programme prepares students to excel in the profession of Corporate Finance and Investment. The MSc (Financial Engineering) programme’s mandate is to support the fast-growing markets of financial derivatives and structured finance in Asia and to train a new generation of quantitative analysts for investment banking. In 2004, the number of FB MSc students exceeded 300. Many of these students were from global investment banks, commercial banks, consulting firms and multinational corporations.



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