Mainland educationalists impressed with CityU's rapid development

Shirley Lam

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A 70-member delegation led by Mr Zhang Baoqing, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Education, visited CityU on 18 January. Representatives from the Ministry of Education, Government offices, and higher educational institutions from the mainland were greeted by a group of senior management staff and faculty members led by Professor H K Chang, University President, and Professor David Tong, Deputy President.


In the screening room of the School of Creative Media, the delegates enjoyed a video introducing CityU's major developments. The delegation also visited the Centre of Super-Diamond and Advanced Films, the Chinese Civilisation Centre (CCIV), the Language Information Sciences Research Centre, and the Wireless Communications Research Centre.

During his visit to CCIV, Mr Zhang officiated the inauguration ceremony of the “PDA Information Platform” service launched by the Centre. The Platform, an integration of modern technology and traditional culture, facilitates web-based learning and teaching of Chinese culture.

Mr Zhang commended CityU’s rapid developments and achievements. He was especially impressed with the University’s dedication to promoting Chinese culture, and its success in marrying technology and culture. Mr Zhang encouraged the delegates to borrow from CityU’s successful Chinese Civilisation Course, in particular. He also supported CityU’s initiative to recruit

mainland students for undergraduate and research degree studies.

Professor Chang was gratified and encouraged by Mr Zhang’s praise. He welcomed further exchanges between CityU and the mainland higher educational institutions, inviting Mr Zhang to help promote and encourage mainland institutions to send administrators for training at CityU. “CityU administrators have been providing efficient support that facilitates the provision of quality education at the University,” said Professor Chang. “Our administrators would be pleased to share their management skills and experiences with mainland counterparts in administrative areas such as finance, human resources and facilities management.”


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