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Regina Lau

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A new addition to the City University of Hong Kong PressBuilding Design and Development in Hong Kong—was launched at CityU on 29 January.


The government is moving away from the role of a property developer to a housing facilitator, and building companies heavily involved with government development projects will have to refocus their business to cope with the change, said the Honourable Lau Ping-cheung, the Legislative Council Member representing the Architectural, Surveying and Planning Functional Constituency, at the launching ceremony. Mr Lau, also a member of the CityU Council, commented on the impact of the government's new housing policies, particularly the suspension of land sales, the Home Ownership Scheme and the continuation of the Home Assistance Loan Scheme, on the construction industry in Hong Kong. "The government is moving away from a 'bricks and mortar' approach in favour of a 'subsidy' approach," he said.


Written and edited by CityU's Division of Building Science and Technology, Building Design and Development in Hong Kong provides comprehensive and up-to-date analyses of the complicated process of property development in Hong Kong, from inception to completion, which include territorial planning, building design, submission procedures, tendering and construction. Head of the Division, Mrs Julie Mo, said that books on property development practice in Hong Kong are rare. The new publication not only introduces the general principles of operation in the building industry and the latest developments but also addresses Hong Kong's unique situation. "The whole process of writing the book took over two years. It was like giving birth to a baby—we were excited at the idea, but the process was tough."

Also officiating the book launch were Professor Edmond Ko, Vice-President (Undergraduate Education) and Mr John Dockerill, Provisional Provost of the College of Higher Vocational Studies. "This timely and readable book, written by divisional staff members and inspired through exchanging ideas with industrial practitioners, clearly reflects our commitment to outreach to the community that we serve," Professor Ko said. Echoing Professor Ko's comments, Mr Dockerill said, "The construction industry is one of the key driving forces of Hong Kong's economy. CityU's Division of Building Science and Technology will strive to equip our students with appropriate knowledge and skills which will enable them to enter the workforce with confidence."

Building Design and Development in Hong Kong can be purchased from the University bookstore and other outlets. For enquiries, please call 3442 6818.


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