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Michale Woloschuk

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A group of career counsellors from shanghai University, Shanghai University of Fiance and Economics, and Zhejiang University City College visited CItyU for a mon-month exchange programme during Augest and September, which was orangized by the Student Development Services. The programme aims to enhance understanding of student development services, and more specifically career counselling in the higher education institutions of Hong Kong.

During their stay, counsellors from the three visiting universities took part in the SDS career counselling activities, student orientation, and various student development programs. They also pay visits to the Human Resources Office and delivered a talk on career prospect in Shanghai to CityU's undergraduates. SDS also arranged visits for them to the Chinese University, the University of Science and Technology, the Vocational Training Council, and the Labour Department.

"We are very impressed with the student development services at CityU. Nowadays, the scope of career counselling in the mainland has been widened. Graduates can select their preferable employers and vice-versa, as a result, graduates are more proactive in seeking jobs. Through the visit, we obtained valuable advice and inspirations for the future development of career counselling of our university,"L said Ms Cathy Xie , Career Counsellor of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Instead of emphasizing solely on securing jobs, career guidance will be broadened to include students' whole person development. "We will focus on both student development and liaison with prospective employers," added Ms Xie. Ms Tan Yuxu , supervisor of the Career Education & Placement Centre of the Shanghai University of Finance & Economics agreed, "We aim to start as early as possible, it is important to help student think about their own development and career path once they are admitted to universities."

"With thorough discussion and sharing, the exchange activities also enhanced CityU's understanding of the work of our counterparts in the mainland," said Mr Raysen Cheung , Senior Career Counsellor of the SDS. SDS also looks forward to further cooperation with mainland universities on various student development projects.


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