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Dr Roy Chung Chi-ping

Dr Roy Chung Chi-ping, Co-founder of Techtronic Industries Company Limited (TTI), has earned great respect as an industrial leader in Hong Kong over the past 40 years. TTI is currently one of the fifty constituent stocks on the Hang Seng Index and a world leader in power tools, home improvement appliances and construction equipment.

Dr Roy Chung Chi-ping, GBS, BBS, JP
Co-founder and Non-executive Director, Techtronic Industries Company Limited

Dr Chung moved from Macau to Hong Kong by himself at the age of 16. First working as a warehouse keeper, he became a manager within 10 years through hard work and diligent studies. In 1985, he carved out a legendary career after he co-founded TTI with a partner, earning the nickname “King of Power Tools”.

Before his retirement, Dr Chung set up the Bright Future Charitable Foundation. He has already stepped back from frontline business and now dedicates himself to community services, particularly in the area of education, as well as child and youth development.

In recent years, he has spent a great deal of time meeting with youngsters, hoping to inspire and influence them with his personal experience and wisdom. He has arranged for university students to visit his company, enjoying meals and going hiking together, and even taking part in an overseas Trailwalker event. Many CityU students have benefited from his generosity.

“As young people are the future of society, I hope they can grow up healthily. In today’s knowledge-based economy, they need to acquire all-round knowledge. With my years of experience, I hope I can help them develop by enhancing their knowledge, broadening their horizons, and encouraging them to apply their knowledge for making contributions to the advancement of the industry,” he said.

Adversity is inevitable in life, but Dr Chung encourages young people to be bold and take on challenges. He used a metaphor, “Life’s journey is like climbing a high mountain. If you think too much about the potential risks such as going through jungles and over rocks, you will soon give up. However, if you are bold enough to take the first step and start your ascent, you will find your way.”

Over the years, Dr Chung has put tremendous effort into promoting educational development. A philanthropist in education, he has donated generously to CityU to set up the Bright Future Whole Person Development Scholarships, and shared his management wisdom with our students. He is the Honorary Vice-President of the CityU Foundation, Honorary President of CityU Industrial and Business Leaders Circle, and the Patron of the CityU Business and Industrial Club.

“CityU is committed to nurturing engineering professionals, and its world-class research achievements are widely recognised by the industry,” he said. He hopes CityU will continue to foster talent, conduct applied research, and transfer and commercialise outcomes.

Dr Chung’s motto is “Work conscientiously, innovate constantly, exert one’s best efforts, and embrace the future.” He suggests that people should not only admire the achievements of others but also consider the difficulties they have experienced.

Dr Roy Chung Chi-ping, GBS, BBS, JP

  • Co-founder and Non-executive Director, Techtronic Industries Company Limited
  • Founder and Chairman, Bright Future Charitable Foundation
  • Honorary Vice-President, CityU Foundation
  • Honorary President, CityU Industrial and Business Leaders Circle
  • Patron, CityU Business and Industrial Club
  • Gold Bauhinia Star (2017)
  • Industrialist of the Year (2014)
  • Bronze Bauhinia Star (2011)
  • Justice of the Peace (2005)
  • Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong (1997) 

This article is extracted from CityU Today.


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