Staff party celebrates the Year of the Rabbit

Denise Yung

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Staff party 2023

City University of Hong Kong (CityU) welcomed the Year of the Rabbit at a celebration party organised by the Human Resources Office on 2 February. Faculty and staff members enjoyed a delightful afternoon via a live broadcast.

Attending the party were President Way Kuo and vice-presidents. President Kuo wished everyone in the University and their family members a happy Chinese New Year.

“As all of you know, this is the last year for me to send my greetings as President of this great University. But this is not going to be the last year for me to be with you, so, we will still be together to celebrate the future,” said President Kuo.

He thanked CityU staff, faculty students and the Council for their cohesive teamwork to make the University successful over the past year.

Staff party 2023

The highlights of the party included an eye-dotting ceremony performed by President Kuo, followed by a traditional Chinese lion dance. The ever-popular God of Wealth again made an appearance at the party, which concluded with a much-anticipated lucky draw.


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