CityU and Nanjing University law schools deepen collaboration

Grace Ho

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A five-member delegation from CityU’s School of Law (SLW) visited Nanjing University Law School, 23-25 June, to establish academic relationships and explore collaboration opportunities. The visit culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation, an agreement on academic cooperation and exchange, a student exchange agreement, and two agency agreements for the LLM and JSD programmes.


Led by Professor (Chair) Peter Malanczuk, the CityU delegation was warmly received by senior staff of

NanjingUniversity, including Professor Zhou Xian, Assistant President, and Professor Yang Chunfu, Vice-Dean of School of Law. Members of the CityU delegation, including Dr Priscilla Leung, Associate Dean (External Affairs), Dr Lin Feng, Associate Professor, Mr Gu Minkang and Dr Zhao Yun, both Assistant Professors,  had valuable exchanges with their counterparts at NanjingUniversity who were eager and interested in collaborating with CityU. In addition, the CityU team met with representatives from the Sino-German Institute for Legal Studies in Nanjing.


“In facing the challenges of internationalization of legal education and the development of the mainland’s legal

system, CityU’s School of Law will have to focus more the mainland market by deepening collaboration in joint teaching and research programmes with partner institutions on the mainland, in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond,” said Professor Malanczuk. “Moreover, we have endeavored to develop links with overseas and mainland institutions in the form of staff exchange, joint research and co-sponsorship of conferences and symposia.”


Professor Malanczuk, a world-renowned expert in international law, international economic and trade law, and arbitration and dispute resolution,

was awarded an honorary professorship by Professor Zhang Yibin, Vice-President of Nanjing University, in recognition of his academic achievements and contributions to the legal profession. Professor Malanczuk later gave a speech on “WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism: Problems and Prospects”, which was well received by students and faculty members of NanjingUniversity.


The SLW’s principal objective is to support and improve the provision of legal education and training in Hong Kong. The School’s mission is not only to train quality students in the general understanding of common law and other areas of law, but also to place a strong emphasis on Chinese law. Distinguished teachers and scholars from around the world have been recruited by the School, many of them specialists in comparative and international law and Chinese Law. Over the years the School has established academic links with about 30 highly regarded institutions and organizations in mainland China, Australia, Europe and North America.


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