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Karen Lai and Rain Hui

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Former and current Students' Union (SU) leaders enjoyed a dialogue with CityU President Professor H K Chang on the University’s developments and future challenges at the Ex-SU Leaders Reunion on 24 June.


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the University, the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DAO) and the Students’ Union co-organized the Reunion as an opportunity for current and ex-SU leaders to reminisce about  their heyday as SU leaders and to foster stronger ties with the University. Professor Chang welcomed the ex-SU leaders and stressed the solidarity of staff and alumni as essential to building a bright future. To enhance interaction and communication with SU members, Mr Steven Kwan and Mr Kelvin Chan, the 5th SU leader and the current (19th) SU President, respectively, spoke frankly with Professor Chang in an open session moderated by Cable TV finance reporter Mr Jason Chan, a graduate of the Department of English and Communication. The dialogue covered topics such as campus ambience, fund raising, the University’s public image, internal and external communication, the President’s future tasks and his expectations of CityU students.


Success depends on commitment 

“The success of a university depends on the concerted efforts and the commitment of all staff, students, and alumni, no matter whether it is in the area of teaching, research, or administrative support, or a quest for knowledge and excellence,” Professor Chang said . He maintained that minimizing staff cuts and pay cuts, and cultivating a strong sense of belonging to the University was most crucial to helping the University meet upcoming challenges. Underscoring his appreciation for CityU's staff and student support, Professor Chang announced that the University had achieved the greatest donation amount from a single staff fundraising campaign with highly supportive staff participation.


He had faced many challenges during his eight years with CityU, but he was pleased to see the University's growth and the achievements of graduates being recognized by the community, Professor Chang reflected . Quoting the latest Education and Manpower Bureau survey on university graduates’ performance, Professor Chang added that he was proud of CityU graduates’ outstanding performance in IT, communication skills and attitude to work. "I’m sure that with their combination of IT and cultural literacy, and their determination to strive for excellence, CityU graduates will make even greater achievements in the next two decades,” he said.


Building solidarity

The Reunion was also an opportunity for SU leaders to forge closer bonds with their alma mater. “To me, an SU leader is an organizer,” said Mr Hectar Pun, President of the 7th SU. “We provide a platform for students to communicate and we help organize functions where students can speak for themselves." This was echoed by Kelvin Chan. “We hope to strengthen the sense of belonging among students, staff and alumni. We will launch promotional events to encourage students to be more aware of and participate in University activities,” he said. Remarking on the University's 20th anniversary, Kelvin said he hoped CityU, with its strong foundation and the dedication of students and staff, would  accomplish even more in the near future.


Established in 1986, the SU is committed to serving the student body as a bridge between Management and students. Ms Erica Chan, Internal Vice President of the 8th Students' Union, said that being a SU leader meant serving the students. "We play the role of mediator between different departments in order to create a harmonious atmosphere,”she observed. Now a secondary school teacher, Erica expressed her hope that CityU graduates would continue to equip themselves with both IT and cultural literacy.


"As student leaders in university, I believe we had the liberty and democracy to speak out for students. We were committed to trying our best,” commented Mr Lawrence Yam, Internal Vice President of the 6th Students' Union. Mr Yam, now General Manager of  Maersk Sealand, agreed that being an SU President had helped him to become more mature. Remarking on CityU’s 20th anniversary, Mr Yam said that, having graduated 12 years ago, he was no longer very familiar with the University’s new facilities, but familiar faces at the Reunion brought back fond memories.


Other highlights of the Reunion included a short video featuring the history of SU and a tongue-twister game testing participants’ proficiency in Cantonese and Putonghua. A candle-lit relay ceremony was held to signify SU leaders sharing the same mission to promote the well-being of University. The gathering ended with a donation presentation ceremony by the current SU to the Alumni Giving Club.



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