Internship programme pay off

Michael Woloschuk

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CityU's Faculty of Business has just completed a very successful summer, which saw 27 students gain valuable practical experience on an internship programme with international companies.

The Faculty's Bachelor of Business Administration BBA new internship programme offered participants a six-week, full-time summer placement at a variety of corporations and government departments. The programme, "Business Practice Internship", is open to second-year students and is a credit-bearing course.



Participants are prepared for the internship through a two-day preparatory training workshop on business ethics, business etiquette and interpersonal communication skills. Students are evaluated on their performance and a report from their immediate supervisor in the attachment organization.



The BBA's internship programme included partners such as The Dairy Farm Company Ltd, Wellcome, IKEA and Woo Kee Hong Group. Students were assigned jobs in accounting, advertising, human resources management, information system development, marketing and merchandising.

Throughout the internship programme, course management team members checked up on the students through visits where positive and encouraging feedback was received.



"It was a very valuable experience for me," said one student who worked at Wellcome this summer.



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